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Little Pumpkin Party
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Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist it together. Next, use the glue gun and glue the twisted pipe cleaner to the top of the capsule. Be sure to glue the ends of the pipe cleaner down, leaving the folded end sticking up. Once the glue is dry, fill the capsule with the Autumn colored Christmas ornament candy and close the capsule.
To finish this Little Pumpkin Party, it is only natural to give away little pumpkins as party favors. While you could just give away real pumpkins, I thought it would be fun to create a cute little party favor bag that mimics a pumpkin instead!

Sometimes it is really hard to come up with a birthday party theme close to the holidays. While I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, they aren’t birthday party material. But, then it is also hard to have a party that isn’t related to the holidays at all. The solution? Pick something with a seasonal theme.
Cookies are the perfect addition to a Black and White Party Tissue Paper Pom Poms  treat table–and even better as party favors! Packing a couple of Oreos in simple white glassine bags (I used these ones) and sealing with the free printable cookie labels makes these favors a breeze.
Many people get involved in voluntary work during the yuletide season — collecting money for charitable purposes or personally helping out in the local community. Christmas is also a season for parties. Typically, a Christmas party is organized by a school, a company, an organization, a church, or a family. Traditionally, such parties include songs, dances, competitions, and games.
Obviously, there is a great difference between a Christmas party for children and grown-ups, but here in the site, we offer you some ideas for both types of holiday parties.
The star of this Black + White Party is the simple hand cut decor. The “Yay!” message, hand cut confetti and star pie topper make this party both unique and easy to put together. And don’t forget some easy to-go pie boxes for your guests (download below).


To make the topper, cut out several stars. Imperfection is endearing in this case, so just eyeball and cut. Cut stripey straws to varying heights. Tape each star a to straw (there is a great variety of straws at Bake It Pretty!).Place all of the a paper straws into a pie or cake as a fabulous topper. But don’t stop there, the sweetest ending to a simple-but-fabulous party is a slice of pie to go.
And making to go boxes in a whole spectrum of pink adds a great pop of color to any treat table. Best of all, these pie boxes are oh-so-easy to assemble. Just download this printable pie box template on varying shades of pink card stock, fold on the dotted lines, and glue the tabs in place. Done and ready to serve as the ultimate treat carrier!
It is easy to over think party treats. But, when it comes down to it, kids are very easy to please. So all you really need to do is add a little creative excitement to this party, plus a printable or two, and the kids are more than happy.
And, with a Mad Scientist party, a little excitement is easy to add.
First, we have our Specimen Jars Christmas straws. This are just ordinary 8 oz mason jars wrapped with pieces of black paper measuring 8.5″ x 3″. Then, just print out the free printable Mad Scientist Specimen label (download below) to stick on the front. Fill your mason jars with gummy worms, gummy bugs, or whatever other candy you can find, and you’re all set!
Stuff the turkey! Let someone else wait on you hand and foot on Christmas Day for a change. Some of our venues have great Christmas Day packages available so you can relax in style without having to worry about the all the cooking or the washing up! We've also got some awesome New Year's Eve parties on offer for you with 5 course meals, champagne & wine and live entertainment & excellent B&B packages all under one roof!
Our team at Christmas Party Events have put together a neat little selection of venues running a huge variety of fun affordable events located around the UK.
We are here to help you find the ideal Christmas gift bags, and direct you straight to them, no commissions, no complicated middle men just a helping hand designed to take the hassle out of searching around and getting bogged down with menus, prices and loads of different websites.
Next, we have our highly active ingredients – Jello! Buy some pre-made jello cups that match your color palette. In our case – lime and grape (since the grape was so dark it passed off as black). I would have added lemon if I could had found it. Turn the cups upside down and top them with the “Warning Active Ingredients” labels (download below).
And, finally, I have the potions mixing. I purchased a couple sets of test tubes and medical flasks off of Amazon. I made sure I had a medical flask for each child to use as a cup. Fill the medical flasks with sprite. Then, fill the test tubes with drink flavoring syrups. I used DaVinci’s Lime, party straws ,Pineapple, and Coconut to match the color palette of green, yellow and white.
Let each of the kid mix and match their flavors. Will they end up with a lime and coconut? Or what about a pineapple lime? The mixing and matching is endless fun.

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