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celebrity grand marshal
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Unless the employee is staying after to assist with clean up or is required to stay, there is no need to compensate the individual for time beyond the event. If your event is after normal working hours and is a voluntary Christmas straws party where no company consequences for non-attendance, there is no requirement to compensate a nonexempt employee under wage and hour regulations. However, in the event that a party is held during any portion of an employee’s normally scheduled work hours and the employee is permitted to attend during those hours, even if voluntarily, the nonexempt employee is to be compensated. If the party was mandatory or would have any consequences for those not in attendance, the nonexempt employee would be paid for the entirety of the party, including any time the individual may provide toward set-up, tear-down, or clean-up.Other years, we march six blocks through snow and freezing winds. Either way, the parade is a mid-March milestone that means spring will be here soon.

The country-singing Oklahoma boys practically grew up riding their parents’ tour bus and performing as part of their family’s gospel group since they were old enough to talk.
Zach and Colton grew up right down the street from American Idol- champ-turned-country-superstar Carrie Underwood, and the three shared a stage many times together throughout their childhood years. Traveling with their parents’ Southern gospel group Exodus, the boys were singing and writing songs practically as soon as they could walk.

After leaving the road, their parents formed a family-style variety show in Wagoner, Okla., and soon Zach and Colton were charming crowds each week and cutting their musical teeth on everything from Elvis to Frank Sinatra.    
The Swons’ show at the Civic Center in Wagoner became very popular and soon they were filling the building to capacity as fans packed in party straws week after week to watch them entertain. After building quite a following, Zach and Colton decided to begin playing as a duo and focused even more on their songwriting.
The brothers became finalists on NBC’s “The Voice,” which was the launch pad for their current rise to fame.This year, the 33rd annual parade salutes the changing seasons that help define life in Central New York. We invite one and all paper straws to come downtown and enjoy the warmth of community, spread some sunny smiles and celebrate new beginnings. Join us as we March Into Spring!
We are getting ready for the 2016 parade and looking forward to meeting the celebrity grand marshal, NASCAR legend Mark Martin at  Hot Springs’ First Ever Twelfth Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is earning a reputation as one of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in America!
Also at this year's parade, the Swon Brothers, who are taking the country music world by storm, will perform as the post-parade concert band at the First Ever 12th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17, 2015, in downtown Hot Springs.
They also will be the official  Tissue Paper Pom Poms  starters for the 98-foot parade on world-famous Bridge Street, shortest street in the world in everyday use, according to Riepley’s Believe It or Not.

Since its beginning as the idea of some Hot Springs residents enjoying an adult beverage in 2003, The World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade has grown to an annual magnet for about 30,000 fun-lovers from across America drawn to its international reputation as the place to have fun on this most Irish of days.
The parade annually includes 40 marching units, floats, dancers, singers, performance artists, the International Order of the Marching Irish Elvi (50 green-clad Elvis impersonators), marching Irish wolfhounds and assorted crazies.The Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade began in 1982, founded by an amazing woman, Nancy Duffy, and a small group of her friends including Sheila Shattuck, Rev. John Ahern, and the late Tom Higgins. Thirty-three years later, the Parade is stronger than ever—a grand tribute to the Irish of Christmas ornament  Central New York.We are so proud that our Parade has been named one of the Top Ten Parades in the United States.
The goal of the Hunger Project is to make sure no one in Central New York ever goes hungry. The need for nutritious food is now affecting our middle-class neighbors who may have become unemployed and our senior citizens on fixed incomes. It is our very own friends and neighbors who are suffering - probably in silence. The Hunger Project depends on what we deem the most generous people in the nation, right here in Central New York, to help up with this effort.
There is a donation button on our website and we will be posting appearances where we will be collecting actual donations of food. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us - we can use all the help we can get! Thank you.

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