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While our annual party is a time to mingle and relax, we remind everyone to demonstrate personal responsibility and professionalism. paper straws  Celebrating our success is only enjoyable when everyone is safe. Therefore, if you elect to consume alcohol, we remind you to do so responsibly. To ensure everyone has a memorable and fun evening, in the event that you notice or personally experience an unsafe level of consumption, please seek out a member of our leadership team to obtain a taxi token for a free ride home.

Hiring a third party to verify identifications and manage drink consumption is an added layer of protection and a great consideration, though doing so may still not fully eliminate the liability for the sponsoring party. Work with your general liability broker and legal counsel to draft an agreement that minimizes risk and consider hand stamps, colored wrist bracelets, or identifiers on name badges that signify underage or age-appropriate drinkers.
Swag Bags usually contain promotional and event-accenting items. The gifts and decorative bags alike should be coordinated with the event. Company Swag paper Bags are filled with new and, typically, next-season products that feed off of celebrity fame, which both benefits the vendors and the celebrities. Not all the items are new and hip, though, this years Grammy Award Swag Bags contained items as basic as Purell Hand Sanitizer and Carmex Lip Balm but as lavish as a $14,584 train ride through western Canada.
It would be great to give Tissue Paper Pom Poms    kids the whole experience to make the gingerbread for the houses, but let’s face it- that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen- for you and your dining room floor!  So take the shortcut, and the most fun route for kids, and let them just get messy and decorate!Though the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, it’s no secret that they can also be the most stressful. Between endless events, crowded stores and planned travel, the thought of hosting your own party can often seem daunting. But we show you how you can invite friends over during the holidays and be relaxed with a chic affair that can be thrown together at the last minute. (Hint: Jewelry becomes ornaments on a tabletop tree composed of snipped branches.)
Whether you’re scrambling before Christmas guests’ arrival or are wishing you hadn’t made a dent in your wallet for yet another Christmas ornament  box of metallic knick-knacks, we’re here to show you how you can create chic decorations using products already in your home. You can spin recycled paper goods (think books, magazines and newspaper) into a sophisticated and eco-friendly backdrop for your next holiday bash. Here, paper trees and bunting are paired with a build-your-own waffle bar — perfect for Christmas Day — and candy cane-topped mugs of hot cocoa. Frosty blue details are the final touches on this display, turning your home into the most unique of winter wonderlands.

Set the tone for the party with adorable gingerbread house invitations!  Check out zazzle.com for a great selection of gingerbread house party invitations that are both festive and easy on your wallet!
Gingerbread kits are relatively inexpensive to purchase, entire kits run for about $5 and you can find them at your local Target, grocery store, or discount store like Five Below. 
A gingerbread house centerpiece not only adds to the decorations for your party, but it will also serve as a model for your guests!  To make it even more festive, simply sit your gingerbread house on a pedestal- like wrapping a cardboard box with wrapping paper, or sitting the house on your kitchen table’s lazy susan.  This will allow your gingerbread house to look like both a model and a great decoration for the room!
Childproof your “party straws decorating room” (as much as possible, that is).  Lay down newspaper, plastic table covers, or just a paint drop cloth on the work area for easy clean up!
Possibly the most important step! The day before, complete the structure of all of the gingerbread houses for your guests.  It takes about 4-5 hours for the icing to harden and you cannot decorate the houses immediately after framing the gingerbread house or it will fall apart.
The building owner, property manager, and participating tenants responsible for hosting the party as well as the employer may incur liability for any injuries or wrong-doings. If the event is held during normal Christmas straws  business hours, employees should be paid if they are expected to attend the event. However, if attendance is optional and the event is held during the lunch hours, this may be considered a lunch break for any nonexempt employees. In the event of alcohol consumption, employees should be observed by a designated individual or team, and provided resources to safely return home.

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