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can you believe how the costumes are now?
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Don’t fear: you can still pull off hosting a holiday Christmas ornament party. Just choose one of these three easy themes.
We’re barreling towards the end of the year now and are firmly in the midst of party season. From the awkward office mixer (are you the one that always brings the light-up reindeer ears?) to the elegant cocktail Tissue Paper Pom Poms party your interior-designer friend always throws that you’re never quite sure how to dress for, your dance card is full.

I don’t know about you, but I’d never really considered the “hostess gift” until, frankly, I was asked to write a post about it. It’s not that I show up empty-handed, but that bottle of wine or grapefruit-flavoured Perrier (my drink of choice at the moment!) in my mitts is usually destined for both the hostess’ glass… and mine.
But, last week, I actually thought it out a bit and tried it. My friend Heide hosted Thanksgiving at her house – no small feat – and so I brought along a little present. Not only did it light her face up, it also made me feel good – a little something to say thank you for getting up extra early so that the table would look good, and a thank you in advance for the hours spent cleaning up after we’re gone.
Here’s the thing with hostess paper straws gifts, though; I need them to be practical. Space is at a premium in most houses, and the last thing I want to do is hand over another kitchen gadget that clogs up the catch-all drawer. So here are my suggestions for inexpensive-but-useful little presents that not only show your host or your hostess your appreciation, but make you look good, too!
Cake plays an important role in our lives — mostly helping us celebrate birthdays and other special occasions — but did you know that it also helped give rise to democracy in America? That’s just one of the mind-blowing food facts that host Michael McKean — whom you know from Laverne & Shirley, Spinal Tap and Better Call Saul — dished out on the premiere of Food: Fact or Fiction? and there’s plenty more where that came from.
Find out the storied pasts of your favorite desserts — including why syrup-topped ice cream is called a sundae and whether apple pie is really the most-American treat — when you watch the full premiere online after the jump. One more fact before you go: A new episode airs every Monday at 10:30pm ET.
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of a good cookie swap and it’s a great way to simplify your holiday baking. It’s an easy and affordable party straws  party to throw and so loved that it often becomes a tradition that you’ll want to bring back year after year.

There’s no doubt about it: My favorite thing about the month of December is the flurry of cocktail parties that take over my social calendar. Although I’m usually one to host more casual, laid-back get-togethers, the holidays just seem to call for a bit more glitz, so I’ve decided to celebrate the season with a super festive cocktail party in shades of glamorous gold and vibrant jewel tones. While this party may not look carefree, planning it is much simpler than you’d think. With classic globe ornaments, gold confetti and a handful of DIY projects, this shindig is cost-effective and can be pulled together in a flash.
I love creating our own Halloween Christmas straws  costumes! We started brainstorming on our costume ideas months before Halloween, which helps us get great deals from every store before Halloween. We love it that much! We save a lot of money in creating our costumes every year and we get to be creative as a family. Seriously,

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