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Christmas shopping
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We know Christmas straws shopping for the men in your life can sometimes be difficult, especially when the items on their list are out of your element. Just as jewelry is the classic go to gift for women, power tools generally make it to the top of most men’s Christmas lists.

 Let’s be honest here, the average woman is pretty clueless when it comes to shopping for tools, that’s why we have put together these helpful tips to make your gift buying experience a success. Who knows, if you play your cards right you may even get a few things fixed around the house in the New year!Whatever you do please resist the urge to buy anything with flowers or pretty patterns, cute as you think that pink hardware set is it probably wont appeal to the man you are shopping for nearly as much. If you find yourself color coordinating you have gone too far! Men don’t care if their new saw matches their toolbox, or whether the red hammer clashes with the orange one. Take a deep breath and stick to the standard colors, you will be fine.

When shopping for tools it is important to buy something Christmas ornament  that they will like to use, if you find yourself with a waffle iron in your hand you have veered off course. Not to worry, think of items that will compliment their current hobbies and interests and you will be golden.If you are shopping for a guy who is really into DIY projects you might want to avoid basic hardware as they almost certainly have it already. Try and find something different that would enhance their current abilities and equipment. Please keep your recipients skill level in mind here, as most men won’t consider it upon receiving a gift they clearly have no idea how to use. The idea is to get them something useful that they don’t already have, not land them a holiday trip to the ER!

 If you don’t have roofing experience, limit your lights to eaves, gables, and the edge of the roof. Keep lights and cords away from metal. Beware of overheated wires, aluminum gutters, and ironwork decor. If you want more lights on the roof itself, call a professional Christmas light installation company like We Hang party straws . They will install the lights, maintain them if you have any shortages, and take them down after the New Year.I’m sure you love going outside in the dark and cold to unplug your Christmas lights or turn them on but you don’t have to suffer, you can use timers!

Christmas light timers will make your life immensely better and they only cost around $15. Turn on your lights only when it’s dark and set them to go off automatically two, four, six or eight hours later or at dawn. You will save money in the process.Most new homes are equipped with outdoor power sources, but older homes may need to use an indoor power source, with the power cord coming through a window. Measure how many feet of power cord will be required to extend from the power source to the beginning of the roofline.

    When Tissue Paper Pom Poms shopping keep in mind their trade or the type of projects they particularly enjoy. You don’t want to buy a painter new tools for their car. If they are in to plumbing, rebuilding or painting, chose hardware that is relevant to that area.Statistics show that there are more male geeks than female so this adds the further problem of finding the top gifts for men – always a challenge. Here is a helpful list to get you started and make sure you are up to date with the latest trends and best gifts.

    Follow these simple rules and you will have no problem finding the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life! Avoid pink, flowers and basic hardware; instead aim for power tools and try to be different. When stuck always ask for help, as it never hurts to get an expert opinion especially when you aren’t sure what you are looking at! Stick to our tips and the man in your life is sure to love the hardware gift you have waiting for him under the Christmas paper straws  tree this year!

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