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Crafty and creative
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 These magic berries are harmless but for an hour they change the shape of the taste buds on the tongue. This changing of shape means that the flavor of food changes, tobacco sauce will taste like donut glaze! After an hour the taste buds will revert back to normal, no damage done but a cool Tissue Paper Pom Poms experience.

Do you love to get crafty around Christmas time? Well kudos to you for embracing true homemade gifts! For those of you who are just looking for a few small gifts that are truly made from the heart, you’re reading the right blog.

Nothing says Christmas more than the thought of a gift that’s homemade and from the heart. It exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas and really shows how much love can be behind a present. We have put together some DIY party straws ideas for all ages and skill sets, so don’t worry if you are not a master crafter, we’re here to help!Candles are a great way to warm up any home and make a great gift for hostesses over the holidays. Use plain colored candles as your focal point and add your choice of holiday accents. A simple idea is to place your candle inside a clear vase and accent it with holly and ribbons. This makes a great table center piece!

You can choose a personal background and upload pictures, recipes, traditions and Christmas greetings. The Family Pages are free and very easy to create. Perfect for coaches of sports teams and close friends, a scarp book helps recollect past memories and leaves room for new memories to come. A scrapbook is not just any old album, its sentimental value means more than a regular photo album would.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a paper straws  ornament. A great gift for all ages and super easy to personalize too! Find some plain Christmas tree bulbs  and decorate them with paint glitter or thumbprints. Or cut out some festive shapes using felt, like the cute little gingerbread men pictured to the left. This is an easy craft for all skill levels, if you are an experienced crafter this is your chance to get creative!Have you ever noticed how those designer mitts at big department stores look like they are hand made? Well instead of going out and buying an  expensive pair, make them yourself. Simple and easy, knit a pair of mitts this Christmas ornament holiday season, a warm and useful gift for fingers of all sizes!Tired of the Christmas stockings that are sold at the store and all look the same? Create an original masterpiece for a special someone this year. Make a stocking from the heart and they’ll be sure to look forward to receiving gifts every year in a homemade stocking rather than a store bought duplicate. If you are a skilled sewer this is your chance to have fun mixing and matching holiday patterns. Don’t sew? No problem. Find a plain stocking at your local dollar store or drug store and have fun decorating it with fabric paints, glitter and your choice of holiday trinkets.Crafty and creative Christmas straws, a necklace is always a smart choice when deciding what to get a special someone and
homemade can never be beat. This is a great gift for the fashionable women in your life. If you’re feeling really creative make a set complete with earrings and a bracelet!

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