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holiday season
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 This is a great group game, especially if you have a more than a few baby shower gifts that need unwrapping!

You’ll need some well-wrapped gifts, a santa hat, a pair of oven mitts (the fluffier the better), and one playing die (two if there are more than 8 people).

Place the well-wrapped present in the center of the room, and have your guests gather in a large circle around it.

The first contestant rolls the die. If anything but a six is rolled the die should quickly be passed to the left. Once a player rolls a six, they need to don the hat and gloves and start opening the present, one layer at a time! The next player to roll a six should take the ‘un-wrapper’s place.

Whoever unwraps the last piece of paper off the present, gets to keep it!

Alright, we admit – the name needs some work. The game, however, is going to be a sure-fire hit with the young and old at your Christmas Chevron Paper Straws Party!With all the demands from friends and family and the time spent shopping and preparing the home and food it is easy to see how one can feel burned out during the Christmas season. Here are some tips on how to avoid this crash!

You’ll need a paper towel/wrapping-paper tube, a yard stick (or any stick for that matter), and a bunch of ornaments with hooks.Do you find Christmas shopping stressful? Well that’s easy to see as the stores get more and more crammed and desperate the closer it gets to Christmas. Plan ahead and shop online to ensure you get everything done, stress free.

Once your guests are paired up, they’ll each have one minute to balance as many ornaments as possible on either side of the yard stick without it falling of the paper towel tube (see picture for more details). The winning pair is decided by the most ornaments that are balanced! If you are facing demands from many people to attend dinners, events, or even just to spend time with them, stop and think whom you really wish to see. Christmas is for loved ones, not running around and stretching yourself too thin. Christmas visits should be relaxing, not a source of tension! I know Christmas drinking straws is focused on giving, but take advantage of the free time and relax. If you start to feel tension take a step back, breathe and do something that you find fulfilling and rejuvenating. Taking time to find your center will help prepare you to move into the next year.Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to take part in personal traditions and share love and time with the people closest to you. Christmas burnout can take some of the holiday time away from you, and really get you down. Make sure to stay organized, plan ahead and take time to relax to avoid a Christmas burn out. Consider getting a Family Page so that you can share Christmas with everyone, regardless of where in the world they are.He’s the man that’s always there for you no matter what. This is the time of year to thank him for all that he’s done for you. Bring him some holiday cheer with great gifts he’ll absolutely adore. Show him how much he means to you and get him exactly what he’s looking for. Now if you’re stuck on what to get him, listed below are a number of great ideas that will really surprise him.Does your dad have a job that allows him to work outside or does he secretly love the outdoors printed straw? Keep him warm this winter with long johns that will keep out the cold out and the heat in.Does your Dad like to fish but never gets around to it? Help him out this holiday season by getting him the fishing pole he deserves. It comes with a double positive – he’ll be doing something he loves and you’ll get a tasty dinner out of it.We’ve all heard it, the less than lovely language spewed by a frustrated shopper regardless of their present company. As the man snarls into his cell phone and holding onto his daughter with the other hand, the press to get though the line increases as parents attempt to hustle their children’s ears away from the offender.Then there’s the more aggressive shopper. The simultaneous reach for a sale item turns into an ultimate wrestling match. On one corner is the mother of four with stockings still to stuff, and in the other corner the seasoned sale shopper with an evil eye for deals and steals. As the tug o’ war for the limited edition Christmas Barbie continues, the seasoned sale shopper is overcome with determination to purchase Paper Straw and lashes out with a strong right hook.

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