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Christmas themed stuffed white teddy bear
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One of the most wonderful things baby shower about Christmas is the decorations and most particularly the spectacular centerpiece – the Christmas Tree. Follow these guidelines and enjoy a beautifully transformed magical home over the whole Christmas.

Use plenty of green. Chevron Paper Straws Christmas can be stressful because there is so much red fire energy. Pine green is a cooling colour, so plants and evergreens will cool the atmosphere and bring peace and good feelings. Green also absorbs the fire energy that is created by fairy lights as well as the warmth generated by lots of people together. Its soothing colour will tone and balance the colour red.

Angels and cherubs are lucky symbols – they fill the room with good will, peace and a fairytale atmosphere.
Make sure everyone (including house guests) places something on the Christmas tree so that they put their own special feelings into it to make the gathering more special.

They are a fabulous way to bring a touch of whimsy to holiday celebrations.

Your Christmas drinking straws tree can be used to reflect special hobbies such as doll, angel or teddy-bear collecting, ballet horses, boating, skiing or golfing. A theme like this creates a very personal holiday decorating scheme.

Current interests, activities and family events can be a source of themes that will add to family memories when viewed in the photo albums in the future. A wedding or baby theme can reflect the events of the past year or the year ahead. A special vacation can also inspire a fun theme such as a Disney character tree or fishing tree with lures, little fish printed straw ornaments and netting.

Themes can reflect where we live such as a nautical theme for a home near the water or a western theme for those in that area of the country. Such a theme can be created from fairly inexpensive materials: natural raffia bows, straw cowboy hats, red cardinals, dried chili peppers, and red bandanna print ribbon. Use strings of mini hurricane lamps for the lighting. For a topper add a spray of long pheasant tail feathers.

The following theme ideas can be implemented or used as a spring board for your imagination.Red glass balls, loads of candy canes, red velvet bows, snowflakes, and gingerbread-man cookies or dough ornaments, accent it with white bead garland or icicle-look Paper Straw garland. Top it with a Christmas themed stuffed white teddy bear, these can often be found at the goodwill or thrift shop.
Heed the Chinese phrase ‘ five colors blind’ – which means too much color, sound and activity can have a numbing effect upon on. Too much food and color will exhaust the family, so don’t put up decorations too early.

It is the color of purity, innocence and naivety. Feng Shui would prefer you not to use this color.Sarah Shurety is Britain’s leading Feng Shui consultant. Sarah has written for the Daily Mail for the past five years and is the author of the best sellers ‘Feng Shui for your Home’ and ‘Quick Feng Shui Cures. Her first book was serialised by the Saturday Telegraph, the second by the Daily Mail. She has appeared on many television channels, numerous radio broadcasts and also in national and international newspapers. Her clients include Jilly Cooper, Reuters, Mars Confectionery, Lloyds Bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Gloria Hunniford, Anton Mosiman, Anthony Worral Thompson to name but a few.

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