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Presents while they sleep
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Traditionally mistletoe cannot touch the ground between being cut and its removal (it is to be the last of the greens removed from the house after the Christmas Paper Straw season is over). It is supposed to be hung each year to protect the house from fire and any man and woman that met each other under it were obliged to kiss. After each kiss a berry was plucked from the bush, once all the berries were plucked the privilege ceased. The use of mistletoe as a Christmas decoration was common but was not much alluded to or mentioned before the 18th century.During Advent there are tree stands at basically every corner. But if you don’t want just any Christmas printed straw tree, but your special tree, then you can make buying your tree a special event. Families, especially with children, spend an entire day visiting a pick-your-own farm.

The farm provides saws to cut the tree, and usually the children are allowed to choose, but the father cuts the tree and brings it to the car. Many pick-your-own farms make a special occasion out of getting a Christmas tree drinking straws and provide food and drink as well as performances and educational exhibitions about the tree-farming industry.
If you ever have the chance to visit Germany during Advent, you definitely should visit one of the Christmas tree farms (even if you don’t want to buy a tree) with your children.

A theme like this offers various options for color schemes. I have done it in copper and silver, gold and silver but it would also be very pretty in greens and blues. Whatever color theme you choose most of these ornaments are easy to find and can be spray painted to match- never underestimate the power of a can of spray paint! It is one of my favorite Christmas decorating Chevron Paper Straws tools. Look for star fish, seahorse, shell and sand dollar ornaments or use the real thing if you live near the water…if you use real shells tie them to the tree with gold or silver cording. Paper mache’ clam shells make a great accent. I like to trail pearl bead garland coming out of the open clam shells. Look for a netting material or ribbon to wrap the tree with and add clear glass balls to create the effect of bubbles. This year I found some stunning large gold leaf gold fish to compliment this theme.
Julie Ann Bennett is an award winning designer and president of Holidays, a premier holiday display design firm in the Pacific North West.? Holidays’ client list includes the largest building on the West coast, The Columbia Tower in Seattle and The Hotel Monaco which was featured on a list of “The World’s Hippest Hotels” by In Style Magazine last year.

We all know to stay well away from grey socks, slankets and hand-knitted sweaters (read: anything that falls into the comfortable category, and only the comfortable category). But when faced with “oh, you don’t have to get me anything!” and “I have everything I need!”, where do you even start? Luckily, here’s five can’t-go-wrong gifts the women in your life would be happy to receive, so take note.

Nowadays, there’s a whole industry that caters to the need for fir and pine trees. Millions of trees are grown on farms for the sole purpose of being used as baby shower  Christmas trees.

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