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popular Christmas decorations
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This would be an especially fun theme if you are going to be having a baby shower during the holidays. Pink, mint, lavender and blue frosted balls, plastic baby rattles in different shapes and pastel colors, knit baby booties,  Paper Straw, wooden alphabet blocks (you might want to spray paint them in a pastel color), baby bottles and pacifiers can be hung on the tree with pink and blue ribbons. Accent it with pastel colored plush toys, such as teddy bears, if you have them. Top it off with a poofs of pink and blue netting and a cherub and use a pretty baby blanket or quilt for the tree skirt.?This is a great theme to use if you are really into gardening. natural raffia, dried hydrangeas, fresh salal or ivy (it will dry naturally in the tree), flower seed packets (glue a bit of ribbon on the back to use as a tie), gardening shovels and tools can be tied with a raffia bow, and your tree skirt can be made inexpensively out of gardening burlap.

To give an old world effect look for old fashioned skeleton key ornaments or find the real thing at a thrift or key shop and tie on with fabric ribbon. Your topper can be a gathering of branches accented with a bird nest and some forest birds. Branches and birds can also be used throughout the tree. The tree shown featured acrylic “crystal” look hummingbird ornaments that were hung to look as if they were drinking nectar from the hydrangeas.
Unique but traditional this theme celebrates the popularity of snowmen this season. It features rustic snowmen with gold accents to give it some glamour. To tie in with the gold we have added gold and white patterned ribbon, gold bead garland and matte gold balls. Snowflakes add texture and continue the winter look.
The origin of decorating pine or fir trees with apples, roses, printed straw,candies and colored paper has its roots in the Renaissance and early modern Germany. Its 16th century origins seem to center around Martin Luthur but its widespread popularity followed introduction by various members of the nobility. To decorate a Christmas tree became much more popular and widely accepted in the United Kingdom after Queen Victoria’s marriage to the German Prince Albert.There is a lot of confusion surrounding where the tradition of Christmas stockings came from but popular legends have found ways to try and explain it.

They tell of an old man with three beautiful daughters who had no money to pay for their dowries and so they could not marry. St Nicholas was riding through the village and heard of this story, understanding that the old man would not accept charity he crept down the chimney that night and found stockings that the daughters had hung by the fireplace to dry. Into these 3 stockings he placed a bag of gold each, the next morning the 3 beautiful women and their father were overjoyed and soon after the women were married. Ever since adults and children alike have hung stockings by the fireplace or at the end of their beds to be filled with drinking straws presents while they sleep, ready to be joyfully opened the next morning!
According to popular history in 1670 a German choirmaster wished to find a way to get the children to be quiet in his church during Christmas Eve ceremonies. He asked the local sweet maker to make sweet sticks for the children but in order to justify the giving of candy during worship he had the sweet maker add a crook to the tip of each sweet (to resemble the crocks of the three shepherds) and to make them red and white (to reinforce Christian beliefs in the sinless life of Jesus). These delicious candy canes then spread through Europe while being given out at nativity plays. Now they are a popular tradition each Chevron Paper Straws year and come in many different flavors, not just the traditional peppermint, which the whole family can enjoy. This plant and its associations with Christmas stem from Mexico, where they tell the story of a young girl who was too poor to pay for a present to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Angels inspired her to pick weeds from the roadside to place in front of the church alter and these weeds became poinsettias when beautiful crimson blossoms sprouted from them. From the 17th century onwards friars in Mexico incorporated these bright flowers into their Christmas celebrations, as they believe the flowers have a special symbolism. The star shape of the leaf symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem and the red symbolizes the blood sacrifice through the crucifixion of Christ. Today these beautiful baby shower  flowers are popular Christmas decorations, with December 12th being National Poinsettia Day in the USA.

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