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What do you need to prepare for the party?
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1.Buy party decorations.
You need to get ready for the party decor and get the decorations ready in advance so you don't have to rush.our party stroe is  your best choice----www.ourpartystore.com

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2.Provide food.

There are lots of different foods about Halloween in magazines, books and the Internet. You can also look up and read, and prepare food in advance if possible, especially if you want to make strange food (such as homemade arms, skulls, etc.)


3.Get ready for the selected music.

Do it ahead of time and put the music where it's easy to hear. Music doesn't have to be real music.


4.Special drinks.

For drinks, a large pot of punch is necessary. If you can get dry ice to create a foggy effect, so much the better. Putting a luminous LED at the bottom of the bowl can also add extra effect


5.Make the game.

Pumpkin decoration competition, this is a very good idea, but your guests should not be too noisy, otherwise they will turn the party into a pumpkin throwing and smashing competition.


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