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Halloween comes to China!
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  Halloween is a western festival. Chinese people don't have this tradition. However, with the influence of western trends, Chinese young people also celebrate Halloween.

  More than 2000 years ago, the Catholic Church in Europe designated November 1 as "the day of saints under heaven". Celts in Ireland, Scotland and other places believed that it was the official end of summer, that is, the beginning of the new year and the beginning of the harsh winter. It is believed that the dead will return to their former residence on this day to look for living beings in order to regenerate, and this is the only hope that people can be reborn after death. On the other hand, the living people are afraid that the dead will seize life. Therefore, people put out the fire and candle light on this day, so that the dead can not find the living people, and dress up as ghosts and ghosts to scare away the souls of the dead. After that, they will light the fire again and start a new year's life. Harvest celebrations, combined with Celtic rituals, wore terrifying masks and dressed as animals or ghosts to drive away demons that roamed around them. This is the reason why people today celebrate Halloween with their ancient costumes.

  Some people say that regardless of its origin, we just want to find a chance to have fun. It has nothing to do with Halloween. We can find music at any other time, and we don't have to celebrate it under the banner of Halloween.

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