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Advantages of disposable paper cup
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  Disposable paper cup is no stranger to all of us. It can be seen everywhere in our daily life. It is convenient, clean and sanitary, and is loved by many people. It has become a necessary tool for our daily hospitality and drinking water in public places. So about disposable paper cup, its advantages are clear to everyone? Let's talk about it briefly.

 Then, let's talk about the advantages of disposable cups

 1.Clean, clean people don't like to use the cups used by others. They can be used once. 

   At the same time, they don't need to wash the cups at home, so they can throw them away when they are used up. Secondly, if there are many guests at home, there are not so many cups, but many disposable cups can be used.


 2. easy to carry and use, low price


 3.It is light in weight and resistant to damage. Compared with glass bottles, paper cups are light in weight and have no risk of breakage. Low cost. Light weight can save circulation cost.


 4. Good appearance. Printing decoration is easy to achieve, good publicity effect, and can promote sales. A kind of


5. It can be compounded with a variety of materials to improve the protection function. It is compounded with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent the deterioration of the contents. A kind of


6. It has good shading performance and can keep the color, aroma and taste of the contents. A kind of


7. Packaging machinery can be used for operation to achieve high-quality and high-speed production and packaging. 8. Easy to open and close, easy to open and easy to recover. A kind of


9. It is easy to treat waste and recycle, and can save resources.

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