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EU proposes "plastic restriction order" scheme
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   The European Commission proposed a "plastic restriction order" on 28th. Tableware, straws, lunch boxes, drink cups and other daily plastic products may be banned or restricted in EU countries in the near future.

  The package lists the ten most common types of disposable plastic waste on the oceans and beaches of EU countries, such as cotton swabs, tableware, cups, bottles, balloons and balloons, plastic bags, snack packaging, and wet paper towels.

 The EU plans to ban the sale of disposable plastic products with ready-made substitutes and affordable, including straws, knives, forks, spoons, plates, cotton swabs, beverage mixing sticks and balloon sticks; for disposable plastic beverage containers, the lid and container must not be separated before they can be put on the market.

  According to the plan, EU countries must reduce the use of plastic food containers and drink cups by setting reduction targets, providing alternatives or banning free supply.

  EU member states need to achieve the goal of recycling 90% of beverage bottles by 2025.

  The plan also stipulates that manufacturers need to share the cost of cleaning up and handling plastic waste and raising public awareness of environmental protection; it is necessary to clearly identify the disposal methods of plastic products and the harm of plastic waste to the environment.

  The package needs the approval of the European Parliament and the European Council. The European Commission hopes that it will be made a priority and approved before the European Parliament is re elected in May next year.

 Therefore, the paper straws, paper trays, paper cups and other paper products sold in our shop are in line with the concept of environmental protection

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