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Reasons for plastic ban
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  The European Commission says 80 percent of marine waste is plastic. They pollute the environment, and the harmful substances in them enter the marine organisms, and then enter the food chain of human beings and endanger human health.
  According to an article in the online journal Science report, researchers estimate that the total amount of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean is about 79000 tons, mainly fishing nets, containers, packaging and ropes.
  "It's undeniable that plastic waste is a big problem, it gets into the air, the soil and the sea, and into our food, so European countries need to work together to deal with it," said Frans Timmermans, first vice president of the European Commission
  AFP said in the report that the package and the "plastic products strategy in circular economy" issued by the European Union earlier this year came after China banned the import of "foreign garbage".
  According to EU data, about half of the plastic waste produced in the EU is transported to other countries, and more than 85% of it is exported to China.
  In the "plastic products strategy", the EU said that with the restrictions on the key export channels of plastic waste, especially China's announcement of banning the import of certain types of plastic waste, it is increasingly urgent to create a plastic recycling market within the EU.
  The European Union plans to achieve more than half of the plastic waste recycling by 2030, 20% higher than the current utilization rate, and will greatly expand the scale of plastic waste recycling and classification industry, and it is estimated that 200000 new jobs will be created.
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