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How to arrange a birthday party
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   When holding a birthday party, the first thing to pay attention to is the venue. If the budget is OK, it is suggested to choose a hotel. If the budget is insufficient, it can be held at home or in a restaurant! So choosing the venue and asking about the food label is the first step

   The second step is to design the venue. The creative birthday party must be designed in the opening place. In short, it is to decorate the venue and focus on a certain theme.

The layout of the venue is inseparable from the decoration of balloons, our party store have many kinds of balloons, Foil Balloon ,stars Balloons 

     The third step is to purchase materials, including: gifts, hand gifts, decorative materials.

     The fourth step is to design the invitation. If you want to hold a lively birthday party, you must invite your friends and relatives to join us. For the design of the invitation, you can consider using traditional paper invitation or H5 page.

    The fifth step is to hold the live activities. If the budget is enough, it is suggested that a host, performer, photographer and cameraman can be appointed.

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