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Crazy fashion party
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  In our school multimedia classroom, held a grand fashion party. The party was the result of weeks of careful preparation by the fashion team, who had sent a message a few days ago that this party was the craziest one to attend the north and South schools. Whether it's true or not, I signed up with a large group of classmates.

  Rabbit dance is to put both hands on the shoulders of the previous person and jump like a train. In the wanton rendering of music, the students have been silent for a long time, and their depressed mood has finally been released. We dance with our heart's content, and several boys whistled loudly. Later, no one danced rabbit any more and began to follow the rhythm at will. Maomao and I started our own "atata" dance. We bumped into each other while dancing. How can we get a "cool" word!

  I don't know how long, we finally exhausted, back to the seats. We began to play "Malan Flower" and "Song PK" with great enthusiasm, which made everyone laugh. There is a little episode in the game of "Malan blossom". Because it takes three people to hold each other, they can't be eliminated. Therefore, two boys hold a girl without saying a word. It's really generous. But the girl was so embarrassed that she immediately became shy. But the second time she was hugged by both of them!

 At the party, there are a lot of decorations, straws are paper straws, many colors, we all like it. and Lots of beautiful party balloons

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