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My birthday party
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 On the third day of the National Day holiday, that is, October 3, 2018, is my 10th birthday. I was looking forward to this day as early as ten days ago!
  Early in the morning, I get up with my mother, brush teeth, wash face and then go out. The first thing I like best is to buy cakes. This year, I wanted a chocolate cake. We chose a chocolate lace cake model. With me, my animal phase mouse, it was perfect.
  Finally, at eight o'clock in the evening, I drove to jiajiaji's door, ready to meet my family. Ten minutes later, all the people arrived and I went upstairs. I finished my order and composed quietly Sit in your seat and wait. The meal hasn't come yet, so we ate the cake first. After singing the birthday song that can show the lively atmosphere, I silently made a wish and blew out the candles. I blew out nine candles at one breath. It was time to eat KFC. The first thing that came out of my eyes was the chicken roll, so I picked it up and started eating it. I ate a chicken roll, a chicken leg and a string of bones and meat because I ate too slowly and had a small amount of food, so I was very sorry. Finally, it was time to get the gift. Because of the children's quarrel, only one excavator was taken.
 Although this birthday party is a pity, the next one will be a success.

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